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About Wesley Edward Stephenson

Wesley Edward Stephenson was born January 9, 1958 near Kansas City, Missouri, the second of six children born to James and Billye Stephenson. Wes has called many parts of the globe his home, having been raised near Cape Canaveral, Florida; spending his high school days in Saudi Arabia and the Island nation of Bahrain; his college days in Utah and South Africa; and most of his adulthood in Las Vegas, Nevada. An avid motorcyclist, he has toured across the United States numerous times, preferring sleeping bags and back-roads to hotels and interstates.

In 1980 Wes married Donna Rene Graf and they have four daughters and two sons.

Wes began writing verses as lyrics to songs he composed in high school, then found poetry to be a satisfying medium of expression in and of itself. He has had articles published in various magazines, and is frequently called upon to share his writings with organizations that request him as a speaker.



A friend of my father once shared a piece of philosophy with me; "You are going to leave a mark in this life, either good or bad; and if you leave no mark at all, that's still a mark!" I have thought alot about that advice since and have come to realize that by not giving of yourself to others and, thereby, not leaving a "mark" with them, you have left a mark on what could have been; what should have been had you been a man of action. It does not matter that our talents may be modest; it is our willingness to share what we have been given that has produced our civilization, which is the culmination of millions of minds and hands from the past who did not keep to themselves their ambitions, dreams, discoveries, and ideas. It is this feeling of duty to share whatever portion I have that prompts me to publish these verses; not a pride in their quality nor a conviction of their import. In view of my compulsion to share my foremost talent with the world, friends who have heard me sing will be relieved that I have not put music at the top of the list.

I previously self-published two volumes of poetry; "Become", a compilation of general-subject poems, and "Obviously A Bum", a collection of LDS-themed verse. The poems from both of these books are included herein, along with poems written since those two books were published. In this compilation, I have kept the poems divided into the two general categories mentioned above. © 2013