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If someday, in a dreamy mood, I'm driving down the road, My mind adrift, the car starts drifting too; And you are there to awaken me, To help me gain control, It's life or death, could I depend on you? If I were then a blind man And deaf to all the world, And stumbled towards the swiftness of a train; And you were there to steady me, To safely guide me home, Could anything persuade you to refrain? You'd save me from my peril You claim without a doubt; I think you would, and thank you for your care; But there's a danger darker Than a hazard to my life; A time may come I'll truly need you there. You see, there IS a pathway, Or a road I'm traveling on; The trail of truth the Lord has now revealed; I'll sometimes be a blind man, I'll sometimes start to drift, I'll need you then as sentinel, guide, and shield. 'Cause death can only kill me In a temporary way; Yes, sin is still a surer way to die. Don't wait 'til I have fallen, Catch me as I slip; If you will make this promise, so will I.
Wes Stephenson

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