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She was just coming home from the movies, I had to work late on that night; She and our son, with his cowboy hat and gun, Were driving along, everything alright. He had been in the Blue Garter barroom Since about four o'clock that day; Soaking up the scotch 'til, looking at his watch, He said, ""Ten o'clock, I'm on my way."" He had trouble with the car keys when he found them, And the people who were sitting in the bar Said, ""He ought to take a bus, but I won't raise a fuss."" And so, alone, he drove off in his car. Twenty-forth and Main Street was the corner; My lady tried to stop, but all in vain; He didn't pay no mind to her car or to the sign, Now there's two dead, Twenty-forth and Main. He just got a gash above his left eye; They patched him up, he was on his way. The courts did not do much, booze is still his crutch, He's free to drink and drive another day. They think that when they drink they are the victims; Their life is there’s to do with what they choose. The price is seldom paid by drunken drivers, How many of our loved ones must we lose?
Wes Stephenson

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