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I heard the call when I was young And a mission I began; To serve the Lord a couple years While barely then a man. I worked hard; I hit the streets, Never walked when I could run. I sought to do my duty well, Never wished that I were done. I witnessed others slow their pace As completion time grew near; But I told myself, committed firm, ""Until I'm gone I'm here!"" Now time has moved me along a bit, On that trail, the life of man; I've added on a wife and kids And I've got myself a plan: I do not know how long I'll live And play upon this stage, But I've resolved to do much more Than lounge around and age. I'll be of use! I'll build a bridge! I'll dry a troubled tear! To family, God, and countrymen: ""Until I'm gone I'm here!""
Wes Stephenson

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