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I'd give my life for gospel truths! I'd fight when all have fled! I'd grind and twist with foot and fist!"" How easily that's said. That one great call for courage We dream will come our way; To cross the plains with tears and pains Like saints of former day. Those dreams can be so noble, So valiant, true, and pure; But honest saint you truly ain't Until you're really sure That when the wind's abated, And you're not called to die; When called to live, you'll work, you'll give, You'll be a stand-up guy. For no one act of valor Can win the victor's crown; It's righteous men who daily win By never slowing down. So dream away, while sleeping, Of some heroic strife; If the dream comes true, then good for you, But don't you sleep through life!
Wes Stephenson

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