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Here's a couple thoughts, just for the record; Just to let you know where we began. 'Wouldn't tell another soul about them, You're the one I know will understand. By the way, I don't believe we've met yet; The time has come, I'll see you in a while. A second glance will bring about forever; Eternity begins with just a smile. Alone at night I like to simply wonder Who you are and where you're going to be; And now and then I almost hear your laughter, Almost touch a time I've yet to see. I'm sure you're going to be a special lady, With tenderness and hope in every smile; You'll strive with me in building up our kingdom; I'll have you then for more than just a while. I await your kiss and hug when I'm discouraged; I await, as well, our talks when we're alone; I await your tears so I can help to dry them, 'Cause you're the one who'll make my house a home. Someone said that love is what you've been through; Those things that you have done while side by side; I see our lives, our call, our common challenge… For what you'll be I love you, Future Bride.
Wes Stephenson

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