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I'm kind and mild mannered; Why, some have called me ""sweet""; I'm patient with obnoxious men I all too often meet Who seek for restitution For what is not their due; They'll smear your name, they'll tell their friends, And claim they're going to sue. It's fun at times, with skill and tact, To cool the hot-head down; With listening ear and earnest words To turn his heart around. Still I'll admit, (now keep this low), How often I have wished To feel that cartilage crumble flat, His nose beneath my fist. But one in my position Has so much now to lose, Were I to drop my self-control And nature's instinct choose. Today I force the smile; Tomorrow, what the heck; I'll throw all prudence to the wind And wring that rascal's neck!
Wes Stephenson

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