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Perhaps I have the right to swell 
With pride in my career; 
When for each client duly served 
Twenty more appear. 
To lean upon my expertise, 
For only I will do; 
While six suppliers each request 
To see me when I'm through. 
The men and women I employ 
Will often form a line 
To seek my guiding counsel 
And petition for my time.
Perhaps I have the right to swell, 
So proud of my import; 
To be so needed by the world, 
Their man of first resort.
That even when the sun has set 
There are places I must be; 
The club, the Scouts, the church, the team, 
All need a piece of me. 
But every moment so enjoyed 
Is regretted as a crime, 
When even my young children must 
Petition for my time.

Wes Stephenson

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