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Young Sammy James was a cockroach, And he lived in the Daniel's rug; And he suffered all the heartaches That come when you're a bug. When Sammy was young and going to school He could not understand; The teacher said, "You're gonna be dead If you get too close to man!" Sam thought, "I don't understand it; If I'm a monster, something's wrong! I scare a man who's six-foot-three And I'm only two inches long? I don't eat much and I don't bite; Can't Mr. Daniels see? He needn't shout or dance about, After all, it's only me." Why, once, when Sammy was taking a stroll, He had lots of time 'til dawn, He found himself caught by a sleepy wife When the kitchen light came on. She looked at Sam and panicked; And let out her loudest scream! Her sleepy husband sprayed for Sam With a can of shaving cream! Then came that night in mid-July When Sammy started to choke; He looked and saw the dining room, It was going up in smoke! Sam thought, "I must act quickly Or the Daniels will surely die! I'll prove that I am someone, Or at least I'm going to try!" Well, he didn't have much trouble Keeping low-down by the floor; And he made his way to the light switch, On the wall, by the front door. Though exhausted, still he struggled; Yes, though all his strength was gone; He called more power to those six little legs And he turned that light switch on! And the light woke Mr. Daniels, Which, of course, was Sammy's plan; And when Daniels saw the fire, From room to room he ran. And Sammy sat exhausted; He was tired, weak, and sore; But he felt relief as he saw the Daniels Heading out the door. And as Mr. Daniels was leaving He looked over at the switch; And raised his hand toward Sammy To give that bug a SQUISH! As the Daniels watched their house burn, A sad and somber sight, Mr. Daniels asked out loud, "Who turned on that light? Who awoke us; saved our lives When we were sleeping snug?" All at once it came to him, "It must have been that bug! That bug I squished and so despised, He gave his life, his all; And now I see it's not our size That makes us big or small." Just then, a tiny voice rang out: "Don't cry and don't you grieve; When you reached to squish me flat I jumped inside your sleeve!" Mr. Daniels then looked down As Sam clung to his shirt, And all the Daniels whooped for joy With Sammy James unhurt. So when you see some creeping bug Don't scream and don't go nuts; 'Cause we don't need to squish our friends To tell that they've got guts!
Wes Stephenson

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